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Vegetarian Game Day Chili
 This is the current version of the Game Day Chili I posted last year but made vegetarian this year.  
Chicken Chili with Orange
The flavours of orange and cocoa in this recipe create a new twist on your traditional chili recipe. The combination of sweet and heat will have your guys cheering for more! Chicken Farmers of Cana
Best Chili Eer
This is a family recipe that I have added my tidbit's to. My husband loves it and it is great warmed up for leftovers! Hope you enjoy!!
Lamb Chili
This chili tastes great. Meat & Livestock Australia provided this recipe
Chicken Chili Blanco
This South American inspired chili consists of mostly white ingredients and is a nice change from the red chili con carne. It uses dried mulato pod (poblano) peppers which are related to ancho pepp
Chicken Chili
This traditional chili recipe uses chicken instead of beef for a lighter flavour that holds up to the other ingredients. Serve with rice for a hearty meal, or spoon into tortillas for tasty soft tac
Cha-Cha Chili
I first created this chili as a vegetarian dish, so feel free to skip the meat all together, or you can add different kinds of beans as a substitution!
Chili Con Carne
This is such a tasty chili.  Enjoy! Meat and Lamb New Zealand provided this recipe. 
White Turkey Chili
A great chili. The National Turkey Federation and EatTurkey.com provided this recipe. 
West Coast Turkey Chili
Is the west coast the best coast for turkey chili?  This is one quick and simple chili that can be a welcome addition to your weekday meal line-up as we ease into Fall.  Give it a try and let us know
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