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Chicken & Sweet Potato Stew
This complete meal is quick to put together and will provide a great tasting, one-pot supper meal. Chicken Farmers of Canada provided this recipe http://www.chicken.ca/
African Peanut Chicken Stew
Peanut or “groundnut” chicken stew is popular all over West Africa. This slow cooker version combines economical chicken legs, chickpeas, potatoes and peanut butter to make a satisfying one-pot
Eastern Lamb Stew
Good served with pita bread, sourdough or Italian bread and green salad.
Mary Lou's Brunswick Stew
There are as many recipes for Brunswick Stew as there are southerners. This recipe was taught to me over 40 years ago by someone who worked for my Aunt Rudy, my mother's sister and it has been a famil
Shepard's Stew with Lamb Shoulder Chops
A great dish. Meat & Livestock Australia provided this recipe
Sweet and Spicy Australian Lamb Leg Tagine with Warm Couscous and Toasted Pine Nuts
A great dish. Meat & Livestock Australia provided this recipe
Quick Mushroom and White Bean Stew
A great stew. The Mushroom Council provided this recipe.
Autumn Chicken and Apple Stew
Take advantage of the best of fall’s flavours with this autumn stew. Apples, Dijon mustard, cabbage, and carrots all combine in this one-pot dish to fill your house with familiar aromas. Perfect
Acadian Stew Chicken Fricot
This stew is delicious and great for a cool fall evening. Enjoy! Chicken Farmers of Canada and www.chicken.ca provided this recipe.
So-simple Lamb Stew
Simple and delicious. Meat and Lamb New Zealand provided this recipe.
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