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Refined Chef Originals

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Arctic Char Burger
 Light, flavorful and a great way to introduce someone to fish burgers.  
Baked Yams with Fresh Cilantro Salad
 A nice balance of flavors. This dish is perfect as a light summer appetizer when friends come over for lunch or dinner. 
Spring Ramp and Cannellini Bean Salad
A delicious spring salad with a mix of textures and flavors that play nicely off each other. Serve as a solo salad or as a side to any grilled meats.
Goat Sloppy Joes
 Mild in flavor, this ground goat is perfect for a sloppy joe.  I like the slight tanginess from from the apple cider vinegar and sweetness from the Hawaiian rolls.  Enjoy.
Ramp and Red Chili Fritters
 Ramps are in season and I decided to make a simple fritter using this delicious ingredient.  
Venison Schnitzel with Homemade Fall Cranberry Sauce
 I wanted to use the venison to make a traditional schitznel.  This dish came out really nicely and would be a good way to introduce people to a new protein.  
Belgium Witbier Grilled Pork Chops
The beer really shines through in this summer pork recipe.  I like the coriander and citrus from the Belgium beer which is nicely balanced with the honey from the marinade and then rounded out with a
Blackening Spice Marinated Bison Steaks
Bison is a lean meat with a great mild flavor.  These steaks pair well with the blackening spice and would be a great way to introduce your friends to a new protein. 
Calamari With Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce
 This is a great appetizer for a dinner party with friends.  The sauce has a nice balance of mild seafood flavor from the clam juice and pairs really well with the calamari.  
Truffle Salted Pork Chop With Baked Summer Fruit
I like this dish because pork is versatile and works well with a number of ingredients, especially fruit.  The earthy truffle salt is a nice contrast to the summer sweet apricots and plums and makes
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