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Lamb and Spring Onion Stew
We are in the depths of winter and I wanted a warming stew but with an eye toward the Spring. This is a flavorful stew and the addition of the grain Amaranth really rounds out this dish.
Broccoli Rabe Chips
 These Broccoli Rabe chips are a fun, healthy snack and retain some of the bitterness of the Broccoli Rabe which I like.  This dish is more of a fun appetizer to try an ingredient prepared in a new wa
Kumquat and Pomegranate Seed Salad
Pulling in slightly tart and sweet flavors with a nice crisp texture from the salad greens, this is a dish to make for a dinner party with friends.   Made with Chef's Matt and Emily Mapplebeck.  Ph
Sweet Chicken Sausage and Kale Soup
This is a rich and full bodied soup that is perfect for a chilly winter day.  Simply place all the ingredients in your crock-pot and 6 hours later you will have a great meal ready for friends and fami
Pepper Crusted Sirloin Steak with Roasted Acorn Squash
This dish has a lot of Fall themed ingredients.  I like the slight sweetness of the acorn squash paired with the peppery steak.  The mild onion flavor in the leeks and shallots rounds everything out n
Sardine and Roasted Vegetable Sandwich
This is a great lunch or dinner to prepare if you have some leftover roasted vegetables.  The sandwiches are easy to put together and have a lot of flavor.  
Ponzu and Hot Italian Pepper Marinated New York Strip
Ponzu has a nice salty-citrus flavor that pairs well with the heat from the Italian peppers.  I cut the meat before grilling because I wanted to replicate a Korean BBQ experience where sliced raw meat
Ozette Potato Chips with Black Truffle Salt, Freshly Cracked Black Pepper and Parmesan Shavings
I saw these potatoes at the famers market and a sign read they have a distinct mineral flavor and would be good for a crispy potato.  So I made them into chips and they were delicious.  The earthy tru
Roasted Hot Peppers with Chevre
It is Autumn and peppers are in abundance.  I like to find new peppers at the farmers market and simply roast them.  For this dish, adding the Chevre helps cut through some of the heat.  They are kind
Spigarello Chips
I found spigarello at the farmers market last year and had sauteed it and used as a side dish for chicken, fish, beef, etc.  However, it is a hardy plant and I wanted to make a chip out of it (similar
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